Hey MechWarriors,

After much deliberation, Harebrained Schemes has decided not to pursue any further crowd-funding of BattleTech merchandise . For those who have been following our efforts since the holidays, you know that the response was not what we were hoping for. We have realized that this needs more effort than HBS has time for — after all, our focus needs to remain on making the BattleTech game. That said, Jordan has some other elves looking into making cool BattleTech stuff — more news on that later as it comes together.

Meanwhile: the BattleTech Steins and Solaris VII Coasters began mass production in March and we’re looking at finishing manufacturing in early July, after which the goods will travel by boat to our warehouse in the U.S. We expect to begin shipping to customers in late August or early September. Contact us here if you have any questions.