Battletech Crowdfunding | How it works

Harebrained Schemes, the developer of the upcoming BATTLETECH tactical combat game, has obtained a license from Topps Inc, to create and sell a LIMITED amount of BattleTech merchandise. For this effort, we have teamed up with Piranha Games, developers of MechWarrior Online, so the merchandise will support both video games and the complete BattleTech timeline.

Under our agreement we can only sell a limited amount of items, so we want to make sure that we are offering items you, the community, want. In order to do this we have set up a crowdfunding store, rather than a more traditional store.
We will regularly offer a small selection of super cool stuff. For each item we will set a collective minimum order quantity and only manufacture what exactly you collectively order –this means that every item is a Limited Edition and will never be produced again. Items that don’t meet the minimum order quantity won’t get made. You will only be charged once an item meets its minimum order quantity and it’s campaign has ended.

In summary, until we have enough committed orders, we won’t make the item, and then we’ll only manufacture what is ordered. That way, we don’t “waste” one of our limited offerings on something only a few of you want or make a ton of stuff that sits in a warehouse gathering dust.

Come back regularly to see the new offerings – and grab yourself some cool gear!